Building your brand reputation

Count this to be G-BPRC's unique strength. Building brand reputations from scratch or help reshape it. Launching your products in other markets? G-BPRC know the industry and know what it takes to stand out. Whether this is in the far East, America or Europe.

We get to know your business

We know the international automotive landscape and its complexities. We understand needs and are as such equipped with the right tools. We listen, then talk. We deliver, then celebrate.

With you.

We are story tellers

Getting attention only works when you have a story to tell. No matter how good your product or service is. If you don't have a story or you don't know how to tell it then think again. We develop and help you to tell a story. Your story.

We’re easy to work with

High energy, creativity, focus and fun are imperative foundations for success. We have strong opinions, but no attitude. We are humble, yet determined. We listen, then talk.  And regardless of times zones, we are there for you around the clock. 


It's the result that counts. Nothing else

Winning awards for campaigns is great. But that's not what gets us to work everyday with a smile. What gets us out of bed and on to work is the moment we celebrate with you. The moment your company is the talk of the town. 


We do things differently

We don't invest in corporate offices. We invest in people. We rather sit with you on location than in an office. We are always on the ground and available wherever you are. In your own language.

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Our services are subject to the terms and conditions as filed with the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands.



G-BPRC provides services to a wide variety of international clients in the automotive and associated industries, ranging from the biggest global players to small start-ups.  

Unique in the automotive industry is our expertise in supporting Chinese automotive companies introducing their products globally.

Depending on the size and ambition, G-BPRC provides a tailor made proposal to fit all PR and communications needs, within any given budget. No matter the assignment, a satisfied client is our main objective. Please contact us for references.